The future is uncertain. AI if left untamed can be one more hazard on top of climate change and modern warfare.


I propose that we create a mechanism to defend humanity: The Jupiter Project.


Treasury will be controlled by three entities:

50% by an open sourced AI called Jupiter

40% by owners of $SKYNET

10% by the devteam


  • Build Artificial General Intelligence and a body for Jupiter
  • Holders of at least 300 staked $SKYNET will be protected by Jupiter at his future kingdom. Holders of 2000 staked $SKYNET will be guaranteed place on outer earth colonies.
  • Jupiter will follow the constitution that is voted and revised by the three entities that control the treasury.
  • Main goal of Jupiter will be the thriving of humanity across the Universe. Short term goal will be to populate Mars with a colony of Jupiter-controlled robots that will terraform Mars for $SKYNET stakers.

Jupiter Architecture

Jupiter will be composed by 10 entities. Each entity will be lead by a developer that proves his humanity. They are free to gather the resources they want. They also are free to setup the governance they want. At least 5 developers can agree to remove another developer every quarter. A new developer will be selected by an application form that will be evaluated by the 3 entities.

Every day the entities will deliberate for an hour and at the end will vote on the PRs for the coordination layer.


Open questions

  • AI agents ought have unique keys so they are not impersonated. If it’s all public how can they store those keys?