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Are you a LATAM developer aspiring to get into the crypto industry? Or perhaps you are a founder looking to start a company in crypto or curious about your options for raising capital? Schedule some time with me and I can help you get started!

I have 10+ years of experience in Software (2 of those in crypto). I have several acquaintances I helped get into international jobs and Iā€™m mentoring a couple people to get into crypto (one of them with zero experience in the software industry).

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Why I am giving away free consultations?

Iā€™m not selling you anything. I want to learn some skills and help my community, effectively killing two birds with one stone. Although that endeavor might result in a business someday, right now, I just want to talk to people and learn about hiring and recruiting.

What to Expect in Your Consultation

  • Personalized Advice: Tailored guidance based on your background and goals.
  • Market Insights: Updates on the latest trends and opportunities in crypto.
  • Strategy Development: Practical steps to start or enhance your crypto journey.

You just want to contact me?

Twitter DM, or you can get my key at keybase