Crosswords Creator

In 2017, I wanted to up my game in web programming. So, for 100 days, I woke up early to write code for one hour before heading to work. One of the projects I worked on was an Angular app to create crossword puzzles from a list of words. I published it and forgot about it. Three months later, I got a notification from Heroku that my CPU quota was reaching its limit. People found my app organically and started using it. Since then, I rewrote it using Angular 2, and it’s kind of in maintenance mode. But it’s heavily used; it gets around 40,000 users per month.

People used it mostly for studying. Most of the users are teachers creating activities for their students. But there are even some fun use cases I’ve never anticipated: some people create romantic games for their significant other with cute details about their relationship. That’s a cool thing about software, users co-create the app with you.

Creating a Crosswords Puzzle

You can check the app here.

Solving a Crosswords Puzzle